By the sea, circa nineteen thirty three 28/3/12

By the sea, circa nineteen thirty three

Lucy Stein & MFA

Vernissage 17:00-18:30hrs

28th March 2012 C02 Project Space

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by the sea,
circa nineteen thirty three,

between the wars,
pre civil war.
hot and blue and shimmery.
glistening salty skin.

cicadas and gulls,
dirty martinis.

lobster, fish in wicker baskets
stray cats sunning themselves on the promenade.

you re half asleep on the beach with salt in your eyes and the midday sun bearing down on your lids.
languid, your limbs are elongated from swimming out to the buoys.
picasso said you should always be sure to work after lunch.


Lucy Stein will be leading the MFA workshop in C02 on Wednesday 28th March. Participants will work with found images of interwar Mediterranean bohemianism, to produce and install a series of new works designed to transform the Project Space into a Weimar-era Cote D’Azur.

The opening at 5pm will feature the results of the day-long workshop. To coincide with the Embassy’s PDP talk the same day, at 6pm, there will be a screening of Keith MacIsaac’s film Régina Flat/Studio Practice (2005, 13mins) – an attempt to help Madame Malaussena sell her Régina apartment for 5 Million Francs, the very apartment once owned by the great Henri Matisse. Régina Flat/Studio Practice features Keith Farquhar, Donald Kuspit, Madame Malaussena and her translator.

Images posted to this event page will be used in the workshop.