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Lily of Blythenhale

Lily of Blythenhale
Andro Semeiko

Artist Book Launch and Talk

Saturday 3 December 15.00 – 17.00
Talk by Donald Rayfield at 16.00

Lily of Blythenhale is an artist book, which tells a multilayered visual story by Jessica Wilkes Award holder Andro Semeiko. The images and texts in Lily of Blythenhale can be seen as illustrations of each other as well as randomly assembled articles. The book is created in collaboration with Daniel Harbour, cognitive scientist specialising in language, Norman Hogg, artist, writer and curator, Neil Mulholland, art historian and art critic, Dushko Petrovich, artist and writer, Arron Sands, artist, writer and curator, and Shelley von Strunckel, astrologer and writer. It is published by Acme Studios.

The publication reflects on ideas of knowledge acquisition, power and chivalry. It contains images of marine paintings with Turneresque treatment of light referring to old sketches and maps of the East coast and the Thames. Portraits borrow poses and gestures from van Dyke’s work, and architectural paintings refer to Inigo Jones’ Paladian buildings in the capital and his decorative French fleur-de-lis railings.

Andro Semeiko is a Russo-Georgian now resident in the UK and the book is another dimension of his current exhibition Lily of Blythenhale at the Acme Project Space. The installation tells a story through painting, drawing, sculpture and archival material working as props for a mise-en-scène.

The Lily of Blythenhale book will be launched during the exhibition at the Acme Project Space and will be accompanied by a talk on chivalry/raindoba in Georgian culture and history given by Donald Rayfield Professor of Russian and Georgian at Queen Mary University.

A Russian samovar will be laid out and Georgian tea and cakes will be served.

Installation shots of Lily of Blythenhale at the Acme Project Space.
Lily of Blythenhale
Andro Semeiko
Acme Project Space
11 November – 11 December 2011
Opening hours: 13.00 – 18.00 Thursday – Sunday

Andro Semeiko is the third recipient of the Jessica Wilkes Award; a major professional development opportunity established by Acme Studios and Jessica’s family and friends to celebrate the life of former Acme tenant Jessica Wilkes who died in 2006. The year-long award provides an artist with a free studio and grant to enable them to devote more of their time to their studio practice.

Acme Project Space 44 Bonner Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 9JS
T 020 8981 6811 E W

Unveiling: Rocket MT2010 – Andro Semeiko 3 April -23 May 2010

Artist book Unveiling: Rocket MT2010, 48 pages, edition of 500, tells a linear narrative with layered visual meaning. It features images created and compiled by Andro Semeiko, and texts specially written by Neil Mulholland and JJ Charlesworth. It is edited and published in collaboration with Basement Art Projects.

Andro Semeiko
3 April -23 May 2010
Opening: Sat 3 April 2:00-4:30pm
Book launch Unveiling: Rocket MT2010, Sat 15 May 2:00-4:30pm
Free copies will be available at the launch and from:
Andro Semeiko has made the body of work to document the secret creation of a space rocket designed to fly to Mars. Built by a secret society, work began underground in the 17th Century and has been ongoing for three centuries to meet the launch date sometime this year! The secret society has employed experienced miners from the Forest of Dean, who had previously helped the English to capture Berwick-upon-Tweed from the Scots in the thirteenth century. The miners have dug tunnels that stretch under the river Tweed to the village of Spittal, which is to be the actual point where Rocket MT2010 has been constructed. Specially trained rhinos were also shipped in from India to help out with the excavations. The final preparations for the first flight of the Rocket MT2010 are about to commence. The secret society will select fifteen lucky people from Berwick-upon-Tweed to man the rocket on its maiden voyage. They will experience the lovingly crafted Mock Tudor rocket, where things are on a miniature scale but have a grand appearance! Every detail of the rocket has been considered by the secret society. For example, the crewmembers’ urine will be reworked into a delicious drink and their nail clipping will be processed into spacey porridge. The secret society has integrated itself into all levels of the community, enabling them to deny and cover up any rumours that the chimney at Spittal point is in fact the tip of their rocket. Can anyone stop the launch of this Mock Tudor rocket? What is the secret society’s unknown quest to Mars? And why are the people of Berwick-upon-Tweed being offered this unique experience?
Project Unveiling consists of an installation in the Gymnasium Gallery and an artist book publication. The installation contains paintings, sculptures, drawings, blueprints, models, a slideshow and several items from Berwick Museum and Art Gallery. It operates in contemporary art context by using mechanisms of archival documentation as well as theatrical methods of delivering a narrative. The blueprints of the Rocket MT2010 are developed in collaboration with Pierre Maré Architects. Life size model of the rocket is built in collaboration with aircraft engineer Simon Heald.

Andro Semeiko is a Georgian artist living and working in London. Exhibition Unveiling is part of his Berwick Gymnasium Fellowship 09/10. Semeiko studied at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts (1998), HKU, Utrecht (2000), Goldsmiths College (2001) and Royal Academy of Arts, London (2006). He has exhibited in New Contemporaries 2001, Camden Arts Centre and Sunderland Museum (2001); Shine, The Lowry, Manchester (2002); Sotheby’s Auction, London (2007); Two Hopes, Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre, Georgia (2007); Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam (2008); Expander Painting, Prague Biennale (2009). He was awarded Kunstanjer 2000 (NL) and British Institution Prize 2004.

Berwick Gymnasium Art Gallery

Berwick Barracks
The Parade
Berwick-upon-Tweed TD15 1DG
Opening times: 11am – 5pm, Wednesday – Sunday
Tel: 01289304535, Email:

The exhibition is made possible by: Matthew Walmsley, Curator of Berwick Gymnasium Art Gallery; Judith King, Curator for Contemporary Art at English Heritage; Anne Moore, Curator of Berwick Museum and Art Gallery; Jim Herbert, Cultural Development Officer at Northumberland County Council. The Berwick Fellowship programme began in 1993 and is awarded annually to selected professional artists who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to developing their practice. This period of reflective time is intended to give artists an opportunity to produce a new body of work in response to this extraordinary border location.