I Don’t Know if I’ve Explained Myself /// Chris Evans (2007 – ongoing) Performance.

Fettes College, Edinburgh
Friday 5th August
Discussion Group

Ash Reid
Neil Mulholland
Marina Vishmidt
Andrew Shackleton
Anna McLauchlan

The public is invited to a venue, typically used for display and discussion. An artwork is on show, along with seating suited for sustained viewing. Simultaneously – around a table at an indistinct location, and filmed with one static camera – a separate exchange takes place amongst a group of critics and artists. In the absence of an audience, this group is free to converse less self-consciously, starting with the work on display. After fifty-five minutes they receive a prompt and bring the conversation to a close.  The audience – watching in the first space – follows the proceedings of this second space on a large projection (with audio).