Neoflagellation at PNCA, Portland OR.

Pacific Northwest College of Art

1241 NW Johnson Street, Pearl District

Portland, OR 97209. USA.

April 11th 12:30-1:30, Room 118


Neomedievalism is not a singular theory but, rather, a series of provocative analogies for conceptualising post-Soviet geopolitics, globalisation, creative economics and aesthetics. This lecture will consider how we might apply unrelated theories of neomedievalism to the study of contemporary art in Britain.

Neil is an art historian, curator and artist. His historical research focuses on art practice and theory in the British Isles since the 1970s while his practice incorporates art writing, developing workshop models of artistic learning in participatory settings, and the field of neomedievalism. Recent publications include thN Lng folk 2go (Punctum, forthcoming 2013), co-authored with Norman Hogg, and ‘Bang the Whole Gang’ in Glam: The Performance of Style (TATE, 2013).