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Shift/Work Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions

This workshop will help you to comprehend how your decisions impact upon your peers (and vice versa). Working in a small group, you will collectively engage in a series of simple creative tasks. These tasks have been designed by a group of artists specifically to heighten your awareness of play and reciprocity in the learning process. You will not be assisted by an ‘instructor’. To complete each task, you will have to be imaginative and resourceful, working closely together and learn from each other. The workshop will engage performative forms of ritual interaction and ecstatic mutuality normally found in gaming, for the purposes of learning how we learn.This workshop is predicated on a ludic theory of ‘decisions’ as reciprocal and enmeshed game-rules governing how actants interact. Playing the game leads to the rules being revised and updated, offering fresh game-theoretic insights. This autotelism relates to our perception of Shift/Work as an iterative process, a set of workshops that can be continually re-performed like a musical score.

This Shift/Workshop is restricted to 12 participants to ensure that each group is small enough to form a playful bond (preventing ‘committee’ decision-making) but large enough to require negotiation and consensus building.

This Shift/Workshop will be based in two studios at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop edinburghsculpture.org

Anyone can take part. No prior knowledge or preparation is required.

Keywords: Decision-making, Paragogy, Workshopping, PAR (Participatory action-research), OER (Open Educational Resources).

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Contact Dan Brown: 0131 551 4490

Friday, 19 February 2016 from 09:30 to 16:30 (GMT) – Add to Calendar
Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop – 21 Hawthornvale. 19th Feb 2016 (09:30-16:30). Edinburgh EH6 4JT GB – View Map

Atelier: Hospitalfield Charrette

The aim of our charrette is to investigate different ways in which Scottish Universities might work with our host Hospitalfield on research projects, knowledge exchange and related funding bids. The structure and constitution of the charrette is designed to draw out different creative and scholarly speculations on Hospitalfield, both as an historical site and as a future prospect.


29th October 2015

Arrival 5:00pm; once everyone is present:

– Peggy Beardmore on this history of Hospitalfield

– Hospitalfield presentation on future plans (Lucy Byatt)

– Briefing on the structure of the following day (Neil Mulholland)

30th October 2015

9:00 Early morning quick tour of the Hospitalfield site.


10:00 Participants divided as evenly as possible and take up positions in one of two distinct rooms. In each room the discussion will begin througha particular object:

Room #1: Allan Fraser Family Portrait Gallery; Object#1 A letter Facilitator: Andrew Patrizio; x 5 Participants: Morven Gregor, Neil Mulholland, Laura Simpson, Zoe Walker, Nicholas Oddy.

Room #2: Patrick Allan Studio; Object#2 A bust, muse for James Cowie and his students Facilitator: Patty McMeans; x 5 Participants: Peggy Beardmore, Chris Breward, Fiona Jardine, Hilary Nicoll, Lucy Byatt.

One participating observer (‘Facilitator’) stays behind in their room for Round 1 & 2. They make notes (and take photographs) as the discussion unravels. All notes remain behind in the room as evidence of what was discussed. The groups stay togther and switch rooms when the alarm sounds after precisely 1hr.

Mise-en-scene: Round 1 10:00-11:00


Mise-en-scene: Round 2 11:15-12:15


Facilitators will change a little. Groups remixed:

Room #1: Allan Fraser Family Portrait Gallery Facilitator: Neil Mulholland; x 5 Participants: Peggy Beardmore, Patty McMeans, Laura Simpson, Fiona Jardine, Nicholas Oddy.

Room #2: Patrick Allan Studio Facilitator: Lucy Byatt x 5 Participants:Morven Gregor, Andrew Patrizio, Chris Breward, Hilary Nicoll, Zoe Walker.

Round 3 1:30-2:30

Object#3: Caruso StJohn PDF visualisation of future Hospitalfield


Feedback (whole group assembles in one room):

Feedback is given from the perspective of the rooms and the objects they contain:

2:45-2:55 Family Portrait Gallery/LetterFacilitator Feedback (Patty McMeans)

2:55-3:05 Patrick Allan Studio/Cowie BustFacilitatorFeedback (Andrew Patrizio)

3:05-3:15 Both Facilitators (Neil & Lucy) Feedback on Object#3: Caruso StJohn PDF; comparison of notes.

Group Discussion highlighting areas of concensus and key points for further research and development.

4:00 Group decide Points for Action