The Topography of Memory 16/8/12

16 August 2012
The Topography of Memory


Within this year’s Edinburgh Art Festival, a number of high profile artists’ projects are directly engaged with the physical terrain of landscape, bringing together elements of Land Art, performance, sculpture, drawing and the notion of a journey. Ideas of participation, exchange or collaboration are at the core of these projects and in the practises of the artists involved.

This afternoon of conversations is an opportunity to discuss the ideas and ambitions informing works including Craig Coulthard’s Forest Pitch and NVA’s Speed of Light, with artists Angus Farquhar and Craig Coulthard, and Edinburgh College of Art academics Edward Hollis, Neil Mulholland and Angela McClanahan. Together they will consider some of the historical precedents for these works, many of which continue to resonate within individual and collective memory.

This event is a collaboration between Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh Art Festival and NVA.

Free to attend, booking required. Tickets will be available in June.

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